1. What does Green Fields Blue Skies stand for?
Green Fields is a metaphoric term which stands for agriculture and clean environment. While Blue Skies stands for science and technology, synonymous with modernization.

2.  What is the theme of Green Fields, Blue Skies?
The blend between “Tradition” and “Modernity” “Conservative” and “Technology”

3.   What is the aim of Green Fields Blue Skies?
Green Fields Blue Skies, aims to re-orientate and empower African youths to understand that Africa can successfully overcome her struggles, blend tradition and modernity; and as well “take to the skies, without leaving the land” without extremisms or engage in ethnical, religious, and communal conflicts.

4.    What is The Green Fields Blue Skies Expo about?
The Greenfields Blue Skies Expo is an annual exhibition and conference run over one week at suitable dates in the month of May in commemoration of the Africa Day, in comfortable venues in and around Abuja. Event features includes: a colloquium and an exhibition of art works by African artists.

5.   What is the core objective of events organized by Green Fields Blue Skies?
The focus of events organized by Green fields Blue Skies, is to positively change the paradigms of the African youth, foster unity and create greater awareness of economic activities on the African continent and provided a platform for increased trade across Africa.

6.   What are the Green Fields Blue Skies participatory categories?
You can either be a participant or a partner.

7.    What are the criteria for participation in Green Fields Blue Skies events?

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above.
  • Have genuine interest for Youth empowerment in Africa.
  • Have genuine interest for Agriculture and clean environment
  • Have genuine interest for Science and Technology.

8.    How long does the registration process take?
Once an applicant has indicated interest by applying in any of the two participatory categories (participant or partner) he or she shall be contacted within 48 hours.

9.    Is Green Fields Blue Skies a government agency?
Green fields Blue skies, is a registered product of Zuma Institute For Globalization and Entrepreneurship Studies (ZIGES) www.zumainstitute.org It is designed to constructively empower the African youths by disseminating knowledge about African affairs, arts and culture and celebrate Africa’s diversity and creativity.

 10.    How can I eligibly qualify for all Green Fields Blue Skies programmes?

To automatically qualify and attend events organized by Green Fields Blue Skies, you must become a member of Zuma Institute For Globalization and Entrepreneurship Studies (ZIGES).

11.    What is Zuma Institute For Globalization and Entrepreneurship Studies (ZIGES) about?
ZIGES is a research and training Institution founded in 2013 by Allstates Travel Group with the main objectives of creating awareness about the so-called “Globalization” phenomenon, focusing on the impact of globalization on the social, economic, political and cultural development of African Countries.  A not-for-profit independent organization, ZIGES was launched with a takeoff grant from Allstates Travel Group as an independent corporate social responsibility (CRS) project with Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, Alhaji Bashir Borodo, Chief Frank Okonta, Alhaji Rabo Kareem and Dr. Munzali Dantata as the inaugural Governing Board Members.

12.    How do I register as member of Zuma Institute For Globalization and Entrepreneurship Studies (ZIGES)?                                                                                                                                                                  To register, please visit: www.zumainstitute.org

13.    What are the services and progammes of Green Fields Blue Skies?
Green Fields Blue Skies organizes conferences, seminars and workshops around the world, as well as art exhibitions, products and services in the following fields:

•    Agriculture, Animal Farming, Crop Farming
•    Arts and Culture
•    Automobile and Electronics
•    Building and Construction
•    Chemicals and Industrial materials
•    Energy and Power
•    Engineering, Building and Construction
•    Competition
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Equipment, Machinery, Metal
•    Food and Drinks
•    Furniture, Wood Products
•    IT and Telecommunication
•    Legal
•    Manufacturing
•    Media and Entertainment
•    Science and Technology
•    Tourism and Hospitality

14.   How do I make further enquiries on Green Fields Blue Skies?
Please contact us at: No 20 Alexandria Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.greenfieldsblueskies.org         
Telephone: 0807 732 3633

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