African Day Art Compitition

Call for Submission: 2017 African Day Artworks Competition

(Open to residents of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora only)

Theme: Green Fields Blue Skies

Green Fields Blue Skies in collaboration with Global Trade Institute for Africa (GTIA) and her partners, hereby invites artists working in any of the following mediums: Painting, Sculpture, Photograph, Performance, to submit images (videos for Performance category) in a Artworks competition titled: “Green Fields Blue Skies”. In commemoration of the Africa Day celebration, the works shall be displayed in an international Art and Culture Expo, which is expected to take place in May, 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria.

The works must deal with the subjects of “Tradition” verse “Modernity”, “Conservative” verse “Technology”. The concept aims to deal with issues of Africa dependent on agriculture, clean environment, science and technology. 

The exhibition also aims to deal with questions on global warming and create awareness on how Africa can manage conservation and technology, as it struggles to modernize and catch up with the rest of the world, while preserving its rich cultural heritage.  

Interpretation of terms ("Green Fields" and "Blue Skies")

Green Fields stands for agriculture and clean environment. Africa is dependent upon green fields that nourishes it with natural products, from agricultural produce (above the ground) to mineral products (under the ground), exchanged for manufactured goods since colonial days. Africa is deeply attached to mother earth; to age old tradition as old as time.

Blue Skies stands for science and technology, synonymous with modernization. The West (Europe and America) was the first to take to the skies (industrialize), symbolized by aircrafts and rockets. The East (Asia) soon followed, led by Japan, China, India and the Asian Tigers, who are competing favourably with the West in industrialization and development. 

Africa lags behind all continents of the world, reputed to be the least developed continent. Caught between two worlds, Africa is at the crossroads...

Competition Submission Criteria

  1. Each participant is expected to enter a maximum of 3 images of their choice with a 500 word description of each work being submitted (for performance category 5-10 minutes video presentation is required). 
  2. Some 25 numbers of selected works in each of the four categories will be recommended by a jury panel for the eventual 2016 African Day Artworks Competition in Abuja.
  3. Submission of passport photograph of each applicant or collaboration group.
  4. Submission of filled out form accompanying the works submitted per artist/group.
  5. Submission of detailed biography per artist/group.
  6. Submission of details of each work submitted indicating, work title or theme, dimension and date of creation.
  7. All entries must be of 3 megabytes in JPEG or JPG format, at least 300dpi per image, digital format. Submission can be made through filling the application form or via e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
  8. Indication of the suggested price per artwork and the edition number of each photograph being submitted
  9. No works of which there has been a pre-existing utilization would be accepted for the competition (please only original and new works must be entered for the competition by artists.) 
  10. Terms and Conditions shall apply. The organizers reserve the rights to disqualify any candidate

 Deadline for submission

31 December, 2016

The Abuja jury panel for selecting qualifying images and vidoes for the 2016 African Day Artworks Competition is to be composed of Afred Atunga (Six Foot Plus), Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, Alhaji Bashir Borodo, Chief Frank Okonta, Alhaji Rabo Kareem and Dr. Munzali Dantata. 

Artists would be invited for a presentation of their works at the GTIA facility, Abuja, by a jury panel on the 15th of January, 2017 after which selected qualifying works shall be presented at the competition on May 25, 2017 during the Greenfields Blue Skies Expo. The concerned artists shall be appropriately notified. Those who fail to qualify will not be contacted.

10 works out of the qualifying entries for Painting, Sculpture, and Photography categories of the competition that are found suitable will thereafter be exhibited at the Greenfields Blue Skies Expo, Abuja. (In the performance category, 10 artists shall be invited to make a stage presentation of their work).

Any moneys derived from selling works of artists during the Greenfields Blue Skies Expo, Abuja, would be paid to them accordingly at the end of all the exhibitions. (In the performance category, Greenfields Blue Skies shall act as facilitating agent for a period of 12 months.  Any invitation received on behalf of artists as a result of their outstanding presentation shall be facilitated for professional engagements)

Five prizes will be given out to winners in each of the categories as follows:


  • 1st $5000
  • 2nd $3500
  • 3rd $2500 
  • 4th $2250 
  • 5th $2000


  • 1st $3500
  • 2rd $2500 
  • 3th $2250 
  • 4th $2000
  • 5th $1500


  • 1st $3000
  • 2rd $2000 
  • 3th $2000 
  • 4th $1500
  • 5th $1000


  • 1st $2500
  • 2rd $2000 
  • 3th $2000 
  • 4th $1500
  • 5th $1000

 About Green Fields Blue Skies Expo

The focus of events organized by Green fields Blue Skies, is to positively change the paradigms of the African youth, foster unity and create greater awareness of economic activities on the African continent and provided a platform for increased trade across Africa.

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For further details please contact:  Dantata Munzali on 08033076356. 

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